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Melissa’s Aigility Hub AI training sessions were brilliant. Her approachability and insightful teaching style made the complex topic of AI understandable for tourism industry professionals. We appreciate how seamlessly she provided practical ways to incorporate AI concepts into their businesses, ultimately helping them save valuable time and resources.”

Nick Fry Nova Scotia Tourism

Melissa Lloyd was the keynote speaker at our FuturConnect conference. She did a magnificent job in engaging our audience and then did a follow-up workshop on AI that could have easily lasted another hour! The participant survey revealed her exceptional ability in presenting a complex topic, like AI, and how to use it practically for their own businesses.

Dominik Loncar Futurpreneur Canada

As a start-up I have been struggling a lot with writing in my business. Especially when I am working on my website and create content for my business. I tried to use the ChatGPT after the program, it was like miracle help for me.

Workshop Participant

As a newcomer to this technology, I knew I wanted to leverage AI for content creation but felt a bit overwhelmed. Melissa patiently guided me through the process of crafting quality prompts for ChatGPT, making it not only easy to understand but also incredibly practical for my specific needs.

Michelle Doucette Michelle Doucette Photography

Melissa from Aigility Hub introduced me to ChatGPT. This was something totally new for me. I heard about AI but didn't know how to use it. The workshop helped me so much!!

Workshop Participant

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Our informative workshops help you become more literate, while also giving you greater insight into the many opportunities that generative AI offers.


We identify generative AI platforms that will not only save you time and money with more effective processes, coupled with new ways to potentially market your business.


We consult on the integration of various generative ai processes for your business. This includes chatbots and other systems that assist in the day-to-day running of your business.

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